Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

Being the Neck

Being the Neck

Have you ever been to a chiropractor? I remember after months of working with bad posture in front of the computer, that someone suggested I visited one. They said it might help with the headaches I kept having. It was quite an experience! After a short time there, the problem was diagnosed. The joints in my neck were out of place. The doctor worked fast. There I was, flat on my back on his table; nice and relaxed. With one or two swift movements he pulled my neck into place and with one VERY LOUD... CLICK everything was in order again. The headaches stopped almost immediately and I suddenly felt alive again. I realized that even though my head hurt, the main problem was in my neck all along.

Have you ever heard this saying, "The husband is the head of the home, but the wife is the neck that turns the head?" It is a common phrase and a very true one as well. The man is responsible for the condition of his home. He is responsible to bring love into the home. Yet as the 'neck' it is up to you to bring stability and peace into the home with your submission and spirit of meekness.

The Word is so clear on this.

1 Peter 3:4 But rather the hidden qualities of the heart, which cannot be corrupted; a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.
5 For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection to their own husbands:
6 Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters you are, as long as you do well, and are not afraid with any amazement. (GMRV)

Peter instructs wives to have a gentle and quiet spirit. He goes on to say that in times of old, great women not only made themselves beautiful on the outside, but also showed their inner beauty through submission as well.

So if you are stressed and upset, the gentle quiet spirit is gone and you are no better than my neck that needed a few adjustments. In the end you just give your 'head' a big headache, and everything falls apart. Just as a man has to introduce love into the home, it is your place as his wife to bring peace into the house. If there is strife and chaos, then you need to look at yourself and see where you can bring peace.

Next week I will share a little more on how you can tap into that peace within, but for now ask yourself this question:

"Am I a peace-bringer or just a pain in the neck?"

If you are brave you can ask your husband to answer this question for you! It is easy to blame your husband for everything that is going wrong in the home, but it is also up to you to bring order. Take your time to not only make yourself beautiful on the outside, but beautiful on the inside as well.

Put on some lipstick and a pretty outfit to welcome your husband home with tonight. Then commit yourself to bringing peace and joy into your home through your submission. Don't just apply the principles because you have to, but seek the Lord for a true spirit of submission and tenderness. As you set your heart to doing this, you will be surprised how easily it all falls into place.

In conclusion, let it be said by everyone who enters your home, that they feel the peace and love of Christ. Then you will also have this honor: Her children rise up, and call her blessed; her husband , and he praises her.
Many daughters have done valiantly, but you are greater than all of them. (Proverbs 31: 28,29 GMRV)

Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

Being the Head

Being the Head

I had a headache the other night. It was just awful! It throbbed so badly I could just lie down and rest a little until it faded. That one little headache made my whole body suffer, and because of that I could not accomplish anything for the whole evening. Isn't it interesting that the Word speaks about the husband as being the head of his family in the same way that Christ is the head of the church?

Ephesians 5:23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. (NIV)

When your head is not feeling well or fails in its task, it affects the whole body. What does this mean to you as the husband in your home? Well it is quite simple. It means that if your 'body' (your family) is out of order and things are in chaos, you need to look at yourself.

Imagine how silly it would have been that when my head hurt I started to beat at my body. Could you imagine me grabbing myself around the neck and saying, "What is the matter with you body? Come into order! Get up and DO something?" It is not my body's fault is it? It is just reacting to the condition of my head.

So when someone looks at the condition of your family and the way your children and wife are acting, who do you think is responsible? When the Lord looks at the state of your family, who does He hold responsible?

The answer is the same for both questions. The Lord holds YOU responsible as the head of your home. Does this seem unreasonable to you?

If you walk into any business and it is in chaos, who do you blame? Don't you blame the boss? You say to yourself, "This company needs good leadership!" Well then, do not find it so strange that God holds you responsible for the condition of your home. If your wife is being difficult and your children are being rebellious, then it is a good time to look at yourself. Every one of us needs good leadership, and no matter how strong or weak your wife is, you have something that she does not have.

You have the delegated authority from Christ as head of your home.

You might want to argue with me. You might say, "But you do not know my wife. She is so strong willed! She does not listen to me. She doesn't care what I say." Well then it is up to you to make sure that she listens. It is up to you to bring her before the Lord and get wisdom.

If a company goes bankrupt, the boss is blamed, not the staff! And so it is the same in your home. If there is a lack, it is up to you to find a solution. This is not based on your skills, your ability or your temperament. It is based on your position of authority. So forget about how you feel. Forget about what you think, and lean on the Word of God.

Realize today that you are the head of your home. God has put you there as an example to your family. It is a heavy responsibility, but it is one you can do with His help. Then also remember that your family is looking up to you for leadership. No matter how strong any woman is, she is waiting for her man to rise up and take the lead. She is waiting to be instructed and encouraged.

Finally, let me leave you with this passage to bring the whole picture together:

Ephesians 5:33 However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband. (NIV)

Love and lead your wife as if she was your own body. You expect your hand to obey your command. You also attend to your hand if it is hurt. In the same way, love and lead your family. In this way you will not only be obeying the Word, but you will be setting your family as a vessel in God's hand, as an example of His grace and His glory in this world!

Kamis, 24 Juni 2010

Loving Him Just as He Is - how to love your husband

Loving Him Just as He Is

It is said that men are simple to understand and I guess in many ways it is true. Ask any woman what clothing she needs and there would be a list.

The list would look like this:

* I need a red satin blouse.
* I need a boot cut, stonewash pair of denim jeans.
* I need a knee length black, fitted skirt that flares at the knee.
* I need a dark brown winter coat that is shaped at the waist.
* I need a pair of black high heels.

Ask any man the same question and HIS list would look like this:

* I need pants.
* I need shirts
* I need socks.
* I need underwear.

It can be so frustrating for us women at times! You see the same shirt and socks come into the wash day after day. No matter how bad the socks look or how many holes, still they find a way to your husband's draw and back to the laundry basket. Perhaps you get frustrated and wonder to yourself, "Why can't he just get new clothes?!" Then when you try to nag him or convince him to buy something new, he sees something else he likes instead. Perhaps a new power tool. Perhaps another electronic gadget that is WAY more interesting than clothes.

Who can understand these men? Why waste money on all this other stuff when they could have more clothes? What you need to remember is that men do not think like women. You could have endless fights with your husband and still he will not change. And do you know something else? He is not meant to change.

The Lord has made your husband this way on purpose! So to fight the way he is, is to fight against the Lord. Don't you expect the same from your husband? Don't you expect him to understand why clothing and jewelry and make-up and other things like this are important to you? Well then you need to understand that this wonderful husband of yours is a practical man. We thank the Lord for that! We thank the Lord for our husbands that can remember the practical things and keep us in balance.

It is this "difference" that attracted you to him. Are you struggling to get your husband to notice your desires or to understand the things you like to spend money on? Well how much consideration do you give him? Do you often catch yourself saying, "That is SUCH a waste of money!" when you could have been supportive? If you expect your husband to always give to you, then perhaps it is time to understand things from his viewpoint instead of trying to change him all the time.

Stop for a moment this week and think about the kinds of things your husband likes and desires. How often have you fought him on getting these desires? How often have you thought he was even stupid for having these desires? Now let it go and change your mind. Decide to give him the support that he needs instead. Why not make it a personal project this week to either buy your husband something he has been desiring or to support him in getting something he desires (but seems a waste of time and money to you.)

Just your backing and support will help your husband feel like he is the most important person in the world to you. After all is that not what the Lord gave us to our husbands for? To lift them him up and so enable him to become the Godly leader that God wants him to be. You hold the power in your own heart to making your husband stand out among other men. Support him, encourage him and then watch as he becomes more confident in who he is!

And then, you never know, he might just let you get him some new socks too. And if all else fails...you can do what I do sometimes and sneak the holey socks into the trash and replace them with a new pair. He probably won't notice...but it is worth a try!

Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010


Kala kumendengar saudara seiman di dalam Tuhan dan mempelajari arti saudara di dalam Tuhan, bagaimana mereka hidup bersama sebagai keluarga Allah dalam Kisah Para Rasul dan kitab-kitab lainnya atau bahkan saat membaca Kitab Taurat bagaimana umat Israel selayaknya hidup bersama. Begitu indah dan dasyat. Tapi apakah itu semua hanya mimpi atau sejarah belaka yang kini hanyalah menjadi cerita dongeng pengantar tidur? Entahlah…….aku memiliki impian tersebut…..sebab seharusnya ikatan persaudaraan kita di dalam Kristus jauh lebih kuat daripada persaudaraan di luar Tuhan. Itulah yang membuat dunia takjub dengan pengikut Kristus hingga jemaat di Anthiokia untuk pertama kalinya disebut orang Kristen (Pengikut/imitator Kristus). Dunia tergoncang melihat kasih yang tulus seorang dengan yang lain. Orang Kristen mula-mula memiliki belaskasihan yang sangat besar.
Namun faktanya aku merasa ikatan persaudaraan kami dulu di geng yang “pasti tanpa Tuhan”, jauh lebih kuat daripada saat kuberada di dalam tubuh Kristus. Ketika seorang diantara kami berurusan dengan polisi dan masuk penjara setiap jam bezoek pasti ada salah satu anggota yang datang dan membawa kebutuhan kami, saat kami masuk rumah sakit ada saja yang membezoek, saat kami disakiti yang lain membela – meski seringkali yang dibela justru pada posisi yang salah, saat yang seorang tak memiliki tempat berteduh yang lain membuka kamar atau rumahnya agar bisa tinggal bersama, bahkan kami siap mati bagi saudara se-geng kami dstnya. Iblis memutarbalikkan cara hidup jemaat mula-mula bahkan perintah Tuhan.
Kisah Para Rasul 2:44-47 Dan semua orang yang telah menjadi percaya tetap bersatu, dan segala kepunyaan mereka adalah kepunyaan bersama, dan selalu ada dari mereka yang menjual harta miliknya, lalu membagi-bagikannya kepada semua orang sesuai dengan keperluan masing-masing. Dengan bertekun dan dengan sehati mereka berkumpul tiap-tiap hari dalam Bait Allah. Mereka memecahkan roti di rumah masing-masing secara bergilir dan makan bersama-sama dengan gembira dan dengan tulus hati, sambil memuji Allah. Dan mereka disukai semua orang. Dan tiap-tiap hari Tuhan menambah jumlah mereka dengan orang yang diselamatkan.

Mat 25:34-40 Dan Raja itu akan berkata kepada mereka yang di sebelah kanan-Nya: Mari, hai kamu yang diberkati oleh Bapa-Ku, terimalah Kerajaan yang telah disediakan bagimu sejak dunia dijadikan. Sebab ketika Aku lapar, kamu memberi Aku makan; ketika Aku haus, kamu memberi Aku minum; ketika Aku seorang asing, kamu memberi Aku tumpangan; ketika Aku telanjang, kamu memberi Aku pakaian; ketika Aku sakit, kamu melawat Aku; ketika Aku di dalam penjara, kamu mengunjungi Aku. Maka orang-orang benar itu akan menjawab Dia, katanya: Tuhan, bilamanakah kami melihat Engkau lapar dan kami memberi Engkau makan, atau haus dan kami memberi Engkau minum? Bilamanakah kami melihat Engkau sebagai orang asing, dan kami memberi Engkau tumpangan, atau telanjang dan kami memberi Engkau pakaian? Bilamanakah kami melihat Engkau sakit atau dalam penjara dan kami mengunjungi Engkau? Dan Raja itu akan menjawab mereka: Aku berkata kepadamu, sesungguhnya segala sesuatu yang kamu lakukan untuk salah seorang dari saudara-Ku yang paling hina ini, kamu telah melakukannya untuk Aku.

Kekristenan dewasa ini sudah mengkristal menjadi sekedar sebuah agama dan penekanan pada keintiman dengan Tuhan sudah mulai luntur. Berulangkali kudengar dalam khotbah para pendeta mengucapkan “Christianity is not a religion but a relation”(Kekristenan bukanlah agama tetapi hubungan), tapi khotbah akan sekedar menjadi sebuah khotbah bilamana sang pengkhotbah pun tak berubah untuk menghidupinya. Jemaat Tuhan membutuhkan teladan dan bukan sekedar pengajar yang cakap berbicara. Kecakapan dalam berkhotbah dan mengajar itu baik dan perlu tetapi semua menjadi tak berarti bila sang pengkhotbah tidak menghidupi apa yang ia sampaikan dalam kesehariannya. Apalagi bila ada yang berdalih bahwa khotbah yang disampaikan adalah untuk jemaat dan bukan bagi dirinya pribadi. Menyedihkan sekali.
Apa yang kulihat dewasa ini, banyak pengkhotbah hidup mewah. Hidup mewah tak salah dan berdosa selama ia mengingat rekan sejawatnya, para kaum Lewi dan jemaat berkekurangan yang ia gembalakan dengan berbagi apa yang ia miliki. Tetapi bila sang pengkhotbah hanya memperbesar perbendaharaan hartanya belaka, apa kata Tuhan? Bukankah Alkitab mencatatkan hal ini:
2 Korintus 8:12-15 Sebab jika kamu rela untuk memberi, maka pemberianmu akan diterima, kalau pemberianmu itu berdasarkan apa yang ada padamu, bukan berdasarkan apa yang tidak ada padamu. Sebab kamu dibebani bukanlah supaya orang-orang lain mendapat keringanan, tetapi supaya ada keseimbangan. Maka hendaklah sekarang ini kelebihan kamu mencukupkan kekurangan mereka, agar kelebihan mereka kemudian mencukupkan kekurangan kamu, supaya ada keseimbangan. Seperti ada tertulis: "Orang yang mengumpulkan banyak, tidak kelebihan dan orang yang mengumpulkan sedikit, tidak kekurangan."

Ketika kulihat ada perbedaan di antara pendeta “kaya dan miskin”, terjadi perpecahan di antara kaum Lewi itu sendiri dan ketidakpedulian di antara seorang dengan yang lain. Sungguh ini semua merupakan hal yang tragis. Tidak heran bila jemaat pun berlaku seperti itu. Orang dunia mengatakan “Buah jatuh tak jauh dari pohonnya”. Hal itu bukan saja berlaku bagi orangtua jasmani tetapi juga orangtua rohani (pendeta/gembala sidang). Ini merupakan tanggungjawab besar, kehidupan kita tercermin dalam kehidupan jemaat yang kita pimpin. Khotbah tentang kasih Kristus dan sesama merupakan topik bahasan yang luarbiasa, indah terdengar di telinga, sangat menjamah hati…..tapi sayangnya kebanyakan hanya sampai di situ. Bila ada tindakan itu pun biasanya hanya berdasarkan program bukan menjadi bagian hidup. Kebenaran firman Tuhan hanya menjadi pengetahuan belaka, kebenaran itu tidak memerdekakan sebab tidak dihidupi di dalam Kristus. Orang Kristen dewasa ini senang mendapatkan pengetahuan akan kebenaran, sayangnya tidak ditindaklanjuti sebagai pelaku kebenaran itu sendiri. Orang Kristen lebih suka menjadi pendengar daripada pelaku, lebih suka menjadi anggota sebuah gereja daripada menjadi murid Kristus yang setiap hari hidup bagi Tuhan Yesus. Apakah ini diakibatkan kini banyak kaum Lewi (pendeta) yang melihat bahwa “pelayanan” lebih merupakan sebagai “pekerjaan” dan bukan lagi sebagai panggilan dan pengabdian terhadap Tuhan dan umat/ sesama?
Apakah memiliki impian melihat kasih persaudaraan dalam Kristus itu nyata di tengah umat Tuhan merupakan sebuah lamunan di siang bolong saja? Ini merupakan impianku, doaku dan imanku bahwa aku akan terus berdoa, berjuang dan menghidupi apa yang kuimani. Impianku melihat saudara seiman hidup bersama dalam kesatuan, melihat perbedaan sebagai keragaman dan keunikan daripada tubuh Kristus, melihat ketimpangan sosial sebagai kesempatan untuk menyatakan kasih Kristus secara lebih nyata.

Jumat, 11 Juni 2010


-by Darren Smith.

Western Christianity has become a well with no water! What could
be worse to someone dying of thirst, than to finally come upon a
well and then discover that it has no water. I think this is a good
example of what modern religion does. It puts up a front that looks
like it has the answer to life's problems and even offers that to the
people. Yet in reality, what they get is a show designed to entertain
and get their money. The shame is that the world is thirsty and
we are supposed to have Living Water, but when they come to
drink they find only an empty well leaving them worse off than before.

2 Peter 2:15-18 addresses this very issue. By abandoning the
straight path, they have gone the way of Balaam. Is not the same
true today? The way of Balaam is the wide path. Not speaking
the Word of God but rather speaking words that profit themselves,
not giving the Living Water, but giving out something that tastes
good to the carnal Adam.

On a recent preaching trip every church I ministered at people
came forward confessing sexual sin, and not just a few but many.
Some were even in leadership positions and were counseling
people with the very same issues. The thing that brought this
out was the Word of God preached without fear and the fact that I
am very transparent about the struggles in my own life. This
happens every time that I minister, even though I don't go out
with the intent - it is just God opening up the chance for Living
Water to come and fill the people once they confess their sins
and repent.

We have a myth that's been put before the church for so long that
people are numb to the Spirit. We have been told that we can
make revival happen and that's not true. Revival only comes when
the people are broken and they get clean before God. This means
exposing the hidden sin in their life and being willing to suffer the
consequences of that sin. You can pray for revival for years, but
unless the people are willing to get clean it will not come.

So why is this such a problem? For one thing, many of the people
in leadership are bound up in this very sin. It's estimated that 70%
of pastors struggle with Pornography and the sad thing is they feel
like they can never confess, therefore, they never come clean and
Living Water cannot flow from the well that they tend. This must
be exposed so people can get free. This sin is so easy to conceal
that before long the person that is bound up in it can justify their
bad behavior. I know I have been bound by this sin and only found
freedom with deep repentance and confession.

It is the same in marriage. Many have sin in their marriage and
will not come clean so grace can heal. Instead they move into
coexistence that brings no glory to God and eventually they end
up in affairs and broken marriages are the result. The divorce rate
is the same in the church as it is in the world for this very reason.
Trust me, sexual sin is just as bad in the church as it is in the
world. Everywhere I go, this is a huge problem and I get many
emails dealing with the same thing from all over the world.

We must address this now and very publicly so people can get
free and we can see God move in His Body. 2 Peter 2:17 says
these people are springs without water. It's time we become a
well of Living Water for a thirsty world to drink from to become
whole. To do this we need to go through a purification process
by the Holy Spirit!!

Can you think of anything worse than dying of thirst and coming
upon a well and finding out that even though it looks like a well
and has the bucket to draw with, there is no water there to drink.

If you are clean, start praying that a wave of repentance comes
upon the church. If you are not clean, repent and confess and
get clean. We need the Living Water to flow through this world
and it is not God who is holding it back, it is us.

Minggu, 06 Juni 2010

To Avoid Being an Abusive Leader

To Avoid Being an Abusive Leader by Malcolm Webber
It should be noted that most Christian leaders – as imperfect people – will probably, at some point, exhibit some of the characteristics of abusive leadership that we have noted in previous Letters. Therefore, the godly leader, knowing that he is not above this tendency, should consciously and deliberately take the following steps to avoid being abusive at all:

1. Prayer. It is hard to know our own hearts and motives. We must remain continually in prayer, asking God to expose what is really happening inside our lives and ministries.

Pray that I may be rescued from the unbelievers in Judea and that my service in Jerusalem may be acceptable to the saints there, (Rom. 15:31)

2. Study the example of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the perfect Model of true leadership at all points.

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. (John 10:11)

3. Humility. The great antidote for abusive leadership is 1 Corinthians 3:7.

So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.

4. Commitment. The godly leader must be committed to God, to his followers, and to inward reality in his own life. Especially during decision-making, he must remain unfailingly committed to truth, not allowing himself to be influenced by expediency, convenience or selfishness. The Holy Spirit will help us do this (Rom. 8:13).

… if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live, (Rom. 8:13)
And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit. (2 Cor. 3:18)

5. Awareness. The Christian leader must develop the ability to distinguish between personal issues and an organizationally-based vision in his beliefs and actions. He must be acutely aware of his own vested interests at all times and strive to crucify them if they are not consistent with the interests of the people he says he is serving.

My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent. It is the Lord who judges me. Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait till the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men’s hearts. At that time each will receive his praise from God. (1 Cor. 4:4-5)

6. Responsibility. The healthy leader will spend significant time and effort in assisting his followers’ development separate from his personal mission. In truth, the Christian mission is people-development (ultimately to the glory of God and the fulfillment of His will, of course).

It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. (Eph. 4:11-13)

7. Self-evaluation. The leader should accurately and honestly assess his own contributions to both successful and unsuccessful outcomes – rather than merely blaming others. Even good leaders may tend to avoid looking at their own contribution to poor performance. Moreover, the godly leader should address follower discomfort and poor performance that are often signals for his own need of self-reevaluation – particularly in the area of communication.

Wherefore we labour, that, whether present or absent, we may be accepted of him. For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad. Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men; but we are made manifest unto God; and I trust also are made manifest in your consciences. (2 Cor. 5:9-11)

8. Continual prayer, reflection and heart breaking before the Lord. God will keep us honest and pure. The leader must conscientiously seek to catch himself any time he is tempted to take advantage of his role and power.

So I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man. (Acts 24:16)
…We are sure that we have a clear conscience and desire to live honorably in every way. (Heb. 13:18)

9. Genuine accountability. Abusive leaders will often happily submit to those who they know share their views. In contrast, servant leaders will seek out balanced and honest counselors who are not afraid to disagree and to hold them genuinely accountable.

Fourteen years later I went up again to Jerusalem, this time with Barnabas. I took Titus along also. I went in response to a revelation and set before them the gospel that I preach among the Gentiles. But I did this privately to those who seemed to be leaders, for fear that I was running or had run my race in vain. (Gal. 2:1-2)

So, what specific changes do you need to make in your life and ministry? And what specific commitments can you make that will help you bring these changes to pass?

Kamis, 03 Juni 2010


-by Joie Pirkey.

The Lord has been speaking to me about a number of different
issues that I have been compartmentalizing in my thoughts: the
"Insider Movement," "Seeker Sensitive," "Social Justice," the
"Emergent Church," and "Prosperity Gospel" to name several.
I have been seeing these issues as separate and distinct from
each other and have been praying about them, prophesying about
them, and doing some research as time permitted. But this past
week at the prayer group called "the House of Prayer" the Lord
began to reveal to us how each of these issues that the modern
day Church is dealing with are inter-connected in that they are
manifestations of the same foundational sin. This sin is not
allowing Christ to be the Head.

Nearly ten years ago the Lord began to speak to me about a
time of shaking that would occur in the churches in our region
here in northeast Wisconsin. He told me that He was about to
begin to remove a large number of ministers that were not
allowing Christ to be the Head of the Church. As this time of
shaking transpired the prophetic words that I was receiving
began to veer in different directions, or so I thought.

The Lord spoke to me about Church leaders pigeonholing
Christianity with Islam. He revealed that this is what a method
of missions called the Insider Movement was doing. He told me
that it was spreading quickly and then asked me to prophesy
publicly that He hates this.

He spoke to me about the Seeker Sensitive method to church
growth and ministry and how that belief system was avoiding
the cross, repentance, and the need for a savior. Seeker
Sensitive methodologists are saying that they are building
bridges to the lost. But the Lord told me that these bridges
are actually overpasses. He said that they are the symbol of
not allowing Christ to be the Head. These so called bridges
are actually overpasses to get over the cross. To overpass the
cross is to overpass Christ.

He spoke to me about something called "Social Justice". He
told me that He is not involved in this work and to stay clear of
it. He also told me not to take it into my thought life and not to
consider it regarding missions or evangelism. He said that the
way in which it is "sold" is deceptive. Assisting the poor and
repressed needs to be directed by the Holy Spirit not by the
logical deduction of man. Like the woman who poured the
expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet, the disciples rebuked her
for not selling it and giving the money to the poor, but Jesus
was pleased with her action. Giving needs to be directed by
the Holy Spirit.

He spoke to me about the Emergent Church and how at its
foundation it holds a humanistic world view. He said that people
embracing this movement are relativeizing truth.

Last night the Lord showed me that each of these seemingly
separate issues were all manifestations of the very thing He
had been speaking to me about in the beginning: Not allowing
Christ to be the Head. When men step out from under His
Headship they begin to create philosophies, methods, and
ministries out of their own ideas, logic, and flesh. This lack of
Headship has created a very weak, ineffective, and unholy church.
It has created a mongrel.

At the House of Prayer, as we spoke about these issues, I found
it difficult to address the topic without a name. We prayed about
a name and the Lord led us to the name Ichabod.

I Samuel 4:21 - And she named the child Ichabod, saying, "The
glory has departed from Israel!" because the ark of God had been
captured and because of her father-in-law and her husband.

When the Body of Christ removes itself from being under the
Headship of Christ, it is a mongrel and the glory of God leaves
it. It is headless. Ephesians 4:14-15 speaks directly to this:

"Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the
waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and
by the cunning and craftiness of men..."

It is the Christian who refuses to be tossed about by new
teachings and whims and crafty ways of deceiving others,
and who chooses to simply speak the truth in love, that
matures into submission of Christ’s Headship.

But when the "Insider" deceives the Muslim with his cunning
ideas, and the politically-correct pastor misleads the "seekers"
with crafty teachings, they move themselves out from under
the Headship of Jesus Christ. Thus resulting in Ichabod and
the glory of God departs from them.

When the "Prosperity Preacher" "claims a new car" instead of
the cross he is to pick up and carry, he moves himself out from
under the Headship of Christ.

When the "Emergent Evangelist" agrees with the homosexual
that he was born with this sin and can bring it into a relationship
with Christ, he has removed himself from the Headship of Christ.

These ideas are spreading through the Body of Christ and they
are generated by man and not by God.

God has been explaining to me how these philosophies
are wrong and in what ways they are connected to the
same source, how they all result in Ichabod. What He is
asking me to do is to expose this sin for what it is, of not
allowing Him to be the Head, and to warn those who seek
to please Him to avoid these "winds of teachings." He is
asking those who have an ear to hear to pray for the Body
of Christ that is being beset by such immaturity. He is asking
us to put on the Armor of God.

Ephesians 6:11-18 - "Put on the full armor of God so that
you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For
our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the
rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this
dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the
heavenly realms."

He is calling us to stand firm and speak the truth in love. If
we cower back and allow these teachings to silence us, we
become advocates of not allowing Christ to be the Head. Our
voice of light is paramount in darkness. Our stand is integral
to the advancement of the Kingdom of Light. We are soldiers
called to fight against principalities of darkness, and we fight
with a sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. I am prophetically
calling you stand! To take up your cross and follow Christ as
your Head! To press on to the high calling of God in Christ
Jesus by speaking the truth in love as you grow up in all
things into Him who is the Head, that is, Christ.

The Irreducible Minimum of Koinonea

The Irreducible Minimum of Koinonea
Dr. Kluane Spake

"No! I won't do it!" I insisted while sitting out the outside steps pouting. I still remember how mad I was at her.

My mom told me I had to go outside and play. "All little kids play outside. You're four years old now and you have to learn to play outside."

I tried to sneak into my room to play and all of a sudden she grabbed me up and sat me on the steps outside the front door. Then, she shut the door and locked it!

Well... here I sat for a long time chanting, "No, I won't do it."

After awhile the neighbor boy came over. He lot me his name was Joey and asked if I wanted to play? Begrudgingly, I followed him to the play yard next door. We sat on the swing for awhile and then went to the sandbox area.

Joey was funny and made me laugh. Then, he said, "Close your eyes and open your mouth! I have a surprise for you."

Ohhhhhh! That sounded exciting. So, I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. Joey then stuffed a big handful of dirt in my mouth and ran away laughing.

I ran home totally disillusioned - mud dripping down my face and onto my newest shirt. I banged on the door and screamed. Distressed, my mom let me back in the house and she never made me go outdoors again. Never. I never played outside again...


I wonder how many Christians have had friends that have disappointed them like this?

Do you press toward continuing with them? Or do you just "move on?"

Have you longed to find someone who won't disillusion your hopes? And when they do, is there a forgiveness and an ability to continue?
How many of us go home and resist venturing out into the place of trusting someone again? How many people have you shut the door on and just quit seeing, saying,"That's it! I won't be hurt again."

Truth is, we will get hurt again and again. Still, we have to remain vulnerable and open. God has a plan for us WITH them...

In this hour of great change in the church -- we MUST allow ourselves to continue to hope in Koinonea. Ask yourself, "What's more important?" Are you just looking for hidden mysteries that nobody has preached before? Subtleties of Greek?

Scripture says that "Greater love (agape, the God kind of love) has no man (or woman, a demonstrative word without defined gender) than this, that he (or she) LAY DOWN HIS (or her) LIFE FOR HIS (or her) FRIENDS (philos)" (Jn. 15:13).

My friend, do you know this kind of love? Do you harbor unresolved conflicts and hold yourself apart and aloof? Or, will you STAND as a friend, even through great disappointment? The test will surely come...

Ask yourself, who will YOU die for? No matter what happens between the two of you?

And then ask, WHO will die for you?

Does TRUE Godly agape friendship and koinonea relationship mean that much to you?

The Lord is waiting for a CORPORATE BRIDE to come forth! A many membered BODY. WE are his Body, WE are His temple.

Do you understand that loving one another NO MATTER WHAT -- is the irreducible minimum? The bottom line is, if we don't love each other, we DON'T know God (1 Jn. 4:7-8).

Having Love for one another is the Gospel. We have no message to preach.

This is the hour to address our disappointments, get out of our house, and to go back outside - back to those whom we have shut the door upon - back to the sandbox of life - and into the hope of God manifesting His GLORY in US (plural).

The Glory won't happen by ourselves. We can't enter into this New Day alone!