Rabu, 04 Juli 2012

Growing Up to Become a Child by Robert Ricciardelli

We have been born to remain a child in the eternity of God’s plan. This is not an excuse to live childishly but to remain childlike in our embracing life, curiosity, possibilities, and what we might learn at any given moment. Childlike people of God are not a people whose development has been stunted, but they are a people who have given themselves a chance to continue to grow in the ways of their God. Being childlike is the remedy to an anxious, muffled, and stagnant existence, and one must have a childlike heart to truly see the Kingdom of God. A powerful life is a life lived as a child of the Living God and having an abiding trust in His providence.

Are you a child at heart?

Is there anything that you need to give to God that has seemingly robbed you of your childhood?
Will you choose to grow up in becoming a child that remains teachable?