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God does not want us to be judgmental; He wants us "prayer-mental." As instinctively as we have seen the things wrong with others, we should pray for them instead. -- In Christ's Image Training
Prayer is an appeal to God based on our needs and the needs around us. Worship is not the articulation of our needs; it is the consummation of our love. It is what we offer to God regardless of the status of our needs. -- In Christ's Image Training
If Satan cannot distract you with worldliness, He will seek to drain you with weariness. -- In Christ's Image Training
Is your love growing and becoming softer, brighter, more daring and more visible? Or is it becoming more discriminating, more calculating, less vulnerable and less available? This is a very important issue, for your Christianity is only as real as your love. A measurable decrease in your ability to love is evidence that a stronghold of cold love is developing within you. -- The Three Battlegrounds
Whether our need is for salvation, healing or deliverance, it is always by grace through faith that we advance and find victory. Is there a mountain standing in your way? The Lord says, What are you, O great mountain? Before my people you will become a plain. Their lives will be complete with shouts of "Grace, grace!” (Zech. 4:7) -- In Christ's Image Training, On-site
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