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It's time to design your ‘Greedy’ North Korean woman became generous in Christ, was tortured for her newfound faith

It's time to design your ‘Greedy’ North Korean woman became generous in Christ, was tortured for her newfound faith

By Mark Ellis, Special to ASSIST News Service
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (ANS - December 14, 2015) -- She was known as the “greedy woman” who refused to share with the poor — even with her own relatives. She had a comfortable existence, in relative terms, in a totalitarian communist system where the average wage is five dollars a day and many struggle with malnutrition due to inadequate food supplies.
Woman tortured in North Korea“She did not even share a bowl of rice with her cousins,” says Peter Kim, with Cornerstone Ministries International.
One day the woman traveled to China and stayed in a relative’s home. A Christian missionary visited the home and she overheard an unusual conversation about someone named Jesus, but she didn’t pay much attention.
The next day the same missionary came to visit and she heard him tell the story of Jesus feeding 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two small fishes. As she listened to the story, her curiosity mounted. “How could that be?” she asked several times.
Then she heard about Jesus dying on the cross for her sins. “Why in the world would someone die for someone else on a cross?” she asked.
Either that man was mentally retarded or the real God, she thought to herself. It bothered her all night and all day. Her consternation continued for several more days.
She actually stopped eating for a day as she pondered the reality of Jesus. “Did he also die for me?” she kept asking. “What would happen to my sin? Could I really go to heaven?”
Photo captions: 1)  Woman who spent time in North Korea prison camp confirms accounts of torture. 2) Mark Ellis.
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