Kamis, 16 Juni 2016

Is Your Parenting Style Transactional or Grace-based?

I am so excited–I’m going to be a grandpa here in not too long! My daughter Christin is pregnant with the newest little member of Team K. She’s due in December...it should be a great Christmas!
Tina and I were certainly not perfect parents, but grand-parenting will give us a second chance of sorts. In my new blog/video post this week I get pretty transparent about some of the ways we raised our kids and what we wish we had not repeated from our own parents.
Is Your Parenting Style Transactional or Grace-based?
Grace Gives Freedom and Choice

I wish my parenting style as my kids were growing up had been marked much more by grace and choice.
In his amazing book, Grace-Based Parenting, author Tim Kimmel shares that there are four freedoms we can offer our children (and each other) if we want to create grace-based environments and be parents that are known by grace. [click to continue]
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