Sabtu, 11 Juni 2016

The Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed

A mustard seed may start out small and vulnerable, but inside of it is the potential to grow to be bigger than any plant in the garden. It is so with you, child. I have hidden many treasures within you and when you discover one, it may look small and insignificant. Yet, if you see with my eyes... if you see what it can grow to be, then you would diligently nurture it to life. You would water it daily and care for it because you know what it can become.

Yet, how can you "see" it, unless you see through my eyes? Come to me and let me show you what your mustard seed can become. I will show you the strength of it and what I intend it to be.

So, do not despise the small beginnings, child. Do not compare it to what others have. For indeed, what you have may look and feel very small next to a giant tree, but don't you see, that you have so much potential still yet to be seen.

Do not be afraid to work hard and be diligent with the seed that I have given you. For when you put your heart into nurturing it, you will discover that I am the one that causes it to grow. All I need is your heart and I will add power to it. I will cause you to grow in leaps and bounds, child. So today, when you look at all your mustard seeds, do not see the small beginnings, but see the giant trees that they can become. Amen.

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