Rabu, 07 Januari 2015

The 365 ThoughtSpark of the Week

The 365 ThoughtSpark of the Week...
"A powerful little black book that's filled with Light"

"BE THE ESSENCE OF GOD to everything and YOU will no longer be the victim of crazy situations BUT THE CREATOR OF MOMENTS THAT ARE DIVINE!"  -  The 365 Book, page 94

NOW is the TIME to re-evaluate your self perception.  We are silently "taught" that SELF is "wrong, arrogant, and prideful." I beg to differ.  YOU are the Temple of the Living God; the House of Wisdom and the Miraculous. It is Divine LAW to "see" yourself from the truth, as well as to exist from the Truth that YOU "see!"  When YOU live and exist from Truth you will no longer embrace the obligations of a lower life form.  You will no longer feel the need to establish decisions that create "war, pain, misery, and chaos!"  Your Identity as a "Wisdom House" will naturally create Moments that are truly Divine, in every way!  LIFE reflects how YOU see yourself.  And the Moments that appear "will confirm it!"

Dr. Undrai Fizer; author of the 365
Director-Kairos Inter-Global, Inc.

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