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The Top 15 Things Couples Do Who Do Well!

  By Mark & Debbie Laaser
The Top 15 Things Couples Do Who Do Well!
Starting a new year we all want to make helpful and health-full changes in our lives. Have you noticed all of television ads for weight loss clinics, health & fitness centers, and programs to help you kick the smoking habit? They're everywhere! 
We agree that this is the perfect time to make positive changes in our lives and we thought that our readers might appreciate our list of "The Top 15 Things Couples Do... Who Do Well". Many of our loyal readers are former participants in our intensive workshops at Faithful & True, and as such, it's important to establish the fact that "sexual sobriety" is a requirement in order for these 15 acts to be successful. With that understanding, here is your target list for 2015: 
1. Commit to ongoing truth telling and sobriety  (Full Disclosure)
2. Commit to three equal pieces of recovery: His... Hers... and the Coupleship.
3. “Close the Door" on leaving the relationship or threatening divorce - at least for a period
     of time.
4. Learn to be safe people –emotionally, physically, sexually, and spiritually
5. Own your own triggers
6. Heal personal trauma – invasion and neglect (See The 7 Desires of Every Heart)
7. Become companions…”I am for you.  How can we relate in our journey?”
8. Heal mental disorders – depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, etc.
9. Find a spiritual journey together
10. Serve, not submit to, one another (egalitarian relationship)
11. Work on "healthy sexuality" which is an expression of emotional & spiritual intimacy.
12. Forgive one another
13. Have “fun” together
14. Find purpose in the pain
15. Surrender living with a perfect spouse!
We realize some some of these 15 items need additional explanation and we have a solution for that problem. We invite you to listen to THE MEN OF VALOR Program (Podcast #100) at faithfulantrue.com to hear Mark and Debbie Laaser explain powerful changes for your life and your marriage. (At the time of our podcast, the list was only 12.) Podcast #100 will give you great insight into this list of The Top Things Couples Do Who Do Well
If you will dedicate yourself to working toward these goals, we know that 2015 can be one of your best years ever! Good Luck!

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